Muslims, other minorities treated as 2nd class citizens in Modi’s India


Islamabad, January 17 (KMS): India under Modi has become an apartheid state where Muslims and other religious minorities are treated as 2nd class citizens.

According to a report released by Kashmir Media Service, Modi’s arrogance is making India slip towards autocratic rule while his right-wing policies have further eroded India’s so-called democracy.

The report said that BJP’s Hindutva-driven agenda has left no place for dissent is the world’s so-called biggest democracy. Modi and his henchmen are relentlessly working to make India a Hindu Rashtra.

Modi-Shah duo, the report added, is no different than Hitler and Himmler during Nazism’s heady days.

The way New Delhi is treating people in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir is amply exposing Modi-led India’s claims of being a democratic republic stand.

Sweden-based V-Dem Institute in its 2021 report labeled India as an electoral autocracy while UK-based The Economist Intelligence Unit has described the Modi govt as responsible for India’s backsliding of democracy.

HR groups and activists are witnessing increased pressure on journalists and civil society activists in Modi’s India. Intimidation of especially Muslims has become a norm in India, the KMS report said.