‘Religious minorities in India facing hate, violence by Hindu extremists’


Islamabad, January 14 (KMS): As religious hate crime is becoming widespread across India under fascist Narendra Modi’s rule, the country’s minorities especially Muslims are facing increased violence at the hands of Hindu extremists.

Political experts and analysts said, hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities have alarmingly increased in Modi’s India, adding, far-right Hindu leaders are openly calling for genocide against Muslims.

They said, the Modi regime is relentlessly implementing RSS ideology against minorities in India and Modi is on a mission to purge India of its minorities. Rights and life of Indian minorities will remain under threat until BJP’s rule, they maintained.

They said, the global experts on genocidal violence have warned that India is preparing for genocide of Muslims in the country. Genocide Watch, a global organisation dedicated to the prevention of genocide, has also issued an alert for occupied Kashmir. A ‘Genocide Watch’ warning is declared by the NGO when there are signs of the early stages of genocide in progress. Unchecked attacks on religious minorities in India are a challenge for the international community, they added.

India must be told, clearly and forcefully, that it will be held accountable for its crimes against minorities, political experts and analysts maintained.

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