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Protests against demolition of Gujjar-Bakerwal Muslims in Jammu

Jammu, January 13:(KMS) In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, hundreds of people held a protest against the demolition of several houses of Gujjar-Bakarwal Muslim community members in Roopnagar area on the outskirts of Jammu city.

The affected families, belonging to Gujjars and Bukerwals, are on the roads against the demolition drive launched by the authorities, saying that they are in possession of the land for over eight decades and were rendered homeless by the occupation regime in winter without serving any notice.

“We were taken by surprise when a strong contingent of police and other government officials came and demolished our houses. We have been living here for the last over 80 years,” a protesting woman, whose house was demolished, said.

Many social and political activists joined the protesters and blocked the main road. Police personnel have been deployed in strength in Jammu to prevent the protesters from advancing.

PDP President Mehbooba Mufti questioning the selective demolition of houses of Muslim tribes asked the residents to stand up against such atrocities. Senior CPI-M leader M Y Tarigami said, this is how scheduled tribe and tribal communities are being treated while the Modi government is claiming to be empowering them.

Jammu West Assembly Movement President Sunil Dimple also addressed the protesters and extended his support. “It is not about any particular community. Jammu and Kashmir is in danger as the Modi government is dislodging the real citizens and inviting outsiders to change the demography of the region,” Dimple said. He added that the BJP is selling the land of Jammu to real estate investors of India and business tycoons of Dubai.

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