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BJP conspiring to spread hatred in India: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi January 10 (KMS) In India, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi has denounced the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying that a conspiracy was being hatched to spread hatred in the country and the next Assembly elections were the right time to defeat that hatred.

Rahul Gandhi in a tweet said that the BJP is spreading hatred in India through the Tek Fog app. He used the hashtag Election 2022 in a tweet, saying that the next election is the right opportunity to defeat hatred in India.

Meanwhile, the Congress party in a tweet from its official Twitter handle
also said that the BJP’s hateful agenda was poisoning India’s harmony and was fomenting hatred, violence and extremism in the country for its own political gain.

The tweet further said that the BJP has to answer the questions of the citizens of the country. Tek Fog app is not an app but a poisonous weapon of the BJP’s propaganda machinery, which is harmful to the country, it added.

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