‘Bulli Bai’ app creator sent to 7-day police remand

New Delhi, January 07 (KMS): A local court has sent to seven-day police custody the engineering student and ‘Bulli Bai’ app creator Neeraj Bishnoi, who was arrested by the Delhi Police from Assam for creating a platform for defaming Muslim women.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Bishnoi is the main conspirator and creator of the ‘Bulli Bai’ on GitHub and the main Twitter account holder of the app. The Delhi police had demanded seven days’ custody of Bishnoi, who was produced before the deputy magistrate’s house on Thursday. Accordingly, the magistrate allowed the police for his custody for a week.

He is a resident of the Jorhat village of Assam and was studying second-year B.Tech, computer science from Vellore Institute of Technology in Bhopal city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Police said, in October, Bishnoi had created a list of women whom he wanted to defame online on his digital devices, a laptop, and cell phones. He was tracing women activists all over social media and downloading their photos.

On January 1, this app, which was performing on Github’s space, posted photos of a number of Muslim women. These included journalists, social workers, students, and famous personalities. It happened six months after the controversy of Sulli Deals.

Vishal Kumar Jha, an engineering student, was one of the followers of ‘Bulli Bai’, which led the police to him.

Hosting platform GitHub provided space to ‘Sulli Deals’, and the ‘Bulli Bai too was created on it. Later, GitHub removed the user ‘Bulli Bai’ from its hosting platform. But by then it had sent shockwaves across the world.