Mushaal reminds UN of its unfulfilled promise to Kashmiris

Islamabad, January 05 (KMS): The Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation, Mushaal Hussein Mullick has said that people of the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) have been witnessing unspeakable atrocities for the last over seven-decade as barbarism of Indian forces is at its peak in the occupied territory.

Speaking at a protest demonstration organized by Peace and Culture Organisation to mark the ‘Right to Self-determination Day’ on Wednesday, Mushaal, wife of jailed Kashmiri leader Muhammad Yasin Malik, said that India was using torture in a systematic and institutional manner.

She lashed out at the world for their apathy and indifference attitude to honour their pledge made to the Kashmiri people at the platform of United Nations has further emboldened the fascist Indian forces to increase their state barbarism and inhuman acts.

Mushaal lamented that the world powers and the UN bodies have miserably failed to fulfill their own commitment despite lapse of around 73 years, which badly dented the UN credibility and prestige.

She stated that the occupation forces crossed all limits of brutalities and atrocities, as they raided the houses and tortured the youth sans any fear of accountability.

She said that the Indian forces give the youth electric shocks, beat them with cables and gave them electric shocks even when they fainted. The chairperson said that the level of barbarism could be judged that they sealed their mouth with mud so they even could not scream.

Mushaal went on to say that the world is well-aware of the fact that Kashmir has been turned into the largest open torture cell but ironically the international community observed criminal silence because the victims are Muslims.

She revealed that the killing of Kashmiri people in fake encounters and in search and cordon operations is a now-a-days became a common practice in the valley.
Mushaal said that senior Kashmiri leadership including her husband have been kept in death cell and were deprived of all basic fundamental rights.

She reminded the UNSC of its resolution that mentioned the question of accession of Kashmir would be decided through democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite but Kashmiris are still living under brutal Indian occupation, as India has continued its repressive regime in the IIOJK through various machinations.

Mushaal asked the world powers, UN bodies and human rights organizations to force the brutal Indian government to let Kashmiri people decide their fate or else the situation could turn worst and it could put the regional as well as world peace at stake.

Therefore, the UN and international community should fulfil their pledge by granting Kashmiris their basic right of self-determination before it is too late.