Kashmiris will not give up struggle for right to self-determination: Ali Raza

Brussels, January 05(KMS): Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) Ali Raza Syed has said that Kashmiris will not give up their struggle for right to self-determination promised to them by the international community.

He was speaking at meeting of core committee of KC-EU held at its office in Brussels in connection with 5th January, the day of right to self determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ali Raza Syed said, January 5, 1949 resolution provides the base for settlement of the Kashmir dispute while India’s adverse attitude had been an obstacle to settlement of the Kashmir dispute. He deplored that the World Body has failed to implement its resolutions, resulting in the continued sufferings of the Kashmiri people. Jammu & Kashmir was to obtain freedom in August 1947 under the Partition formula but Indian forces illegally occupied a part of Jammu and Kashmir, which is still under its occupation.

KC-EU Chairman added, peace in South Asia is linked with the settlement of the Kashmir conflict. He said, all of the Indian acts including constant occupation, killing of the innocent people, revocation of special status and merging of Jammu and Kashmir into the its federal territory and modifying of domicile rules in the occupied Kashmir are illegal.
He warned that the unresolved Kashmir dispute is a nuclear threat flashpoint between Pakistan and India which can disturb the peace of the whole world, anytime.

India is continually committing worst state terrorism for the last over seventy-four years to continue its illegal hold on Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

Ali Raza Syed called upon United Nations Security Council to implement its resolutions on the Kashmir dispute particularly the resolution of 1949 emphasizing the plebiscite in the entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

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