Call for genocide of Indian Muslims evokes global outrage

New Delhi, December 27 (KMS): The call for genocide of Muslims by Hindutva monks in India has become a matter of international concern with noted global media outlets prominently reporting about the hate summit with graphic details.

The Indian government, however, is maintaining a studied silence over the call for genocide of Muslims made by an assembly of Hindutva monks in Haridwar in Uttarakhand state.

A massive outrage is brewing against the Uttarakhand government worldwide ever since video clips of Hindutva monks delivering venomous speeches against Muslim minority surfaced on social media. The event was reported a week after it sparked outcry on social media. Questions are being raised over the silence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as Opposition leaders over the issue.

In its report captioned “Haridwar: Police case after outrage in India over anti-Muslim hate speech”, the BBC noted the proximity of the hate speakers to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“Social media users, however, have identified many of the speakers in the videos who are important religious leaders often seen in the company of ministers and members from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),” said the report.

The report also highlighted the support given by the BJP leaders to the hate crimes against minorities.

“Activists say the frequency of hate crimes against Muslims and other minorities has increased since 2014, when the BJP first came to power. Videos of hate speech or violence against Muslims regularly go viral in India. Critics allege this is because of the support – both open and tacit – that the perpetrators receive from ruling party leaders,” said the report.

In its report titled “As Hindu Extremists Call for Killing of Muslims, India’s Leaders Keep Silent”, The New York Times (NYT) questioned the silence of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Opposition leaders over the genocidal speeches.

“Videos of the event have spread widely on social media in India this week. Yet Mr. Modi has maintained a characteristic silence that analysts say can be interpreted by his most extreme supporters as a tacit signal of protection. The police, who readily jail rights activists and comedians on charges lacking evidence, have been slow to take action. Even Opposition political groups have been restrained in their response, an indication of the degree to which right-wing Hindu nationalism has gripped the country since Mr. Modi came to office in 2014,” said the report.

Pointing to the severity of the hate speeches, the NYT report said, “Even by the standards of the rising anti-Muslim fury in India, the three-day conference in the city of Haridwar, 150 miles north of New Delhi, produced the most blatant and alarming call for violence in recent years”.

Apart from the BBC and NYT, other international outlets like Al-Jazeera, Independent, Bloomberg and others covered it.

“India: Hindu event calling for genocide of Muslims sparks outrage,” reads the headline of Aljazeera report while Independent headline says, “Shock after leaders of several far-right Hindu groups allegedly call for genocide of minorities in India”.