‘Indian govt initiates new game plan to divide Sikhs’

Islamabad, December 23 (KMS): The Hindutva-backed BJP government has initiated a new game plan to create unrest in Indian Punjab by dividing Sikhs over desecration cases and make grounds for law enforcement agencies to take control of Gurdwaras as witnessed in sacrilegious act at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

The media reports said, the issue is planned to exploit mere political gains by either delaying Punjab elections or making suitable alliances to create favourable political space.

The reports said, extremist Indian government also wants to create Sikh-Muslim rift by attacking few Gurdwaras in Pakistan to close Kartarpur Corridor/discontinue Yatrees adding it also wants to blame Pakistan for Gurdwara desecration cases and develop hatred, use anti-Pakistan card for political game plan.

Fake propaganda by India against Pakistan for using cigarette wrappers in manufacturing plates to serve food at Gurdwaras in Pakistan, is a glaring example of such Indian nefarious designs, the reports said.

Sikh community must expose nefarious Hindutva designs not only against Sikhs but all minorities in India. Hindutva and Brahman are the only beneficiaries and have win-win situation if any harm is caused to Sikh-Muslim affinity or people of Indian Punjab and Gurdwaras in Pakistan.

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