Rehmani apprises OIC members of IIOJK’s pathetic situation

Islamabad, December 18 (KMS): The Convener of All Parties Hurriyat Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir (APHC-AJK) chapter, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in a letter addressed to the OIC members apprised them and American and western leaders in Islamabad of the pathetic situation caused by the lingering Kashmir dispute and India’s 5 August, 2019.

Following is the text of the letter:


“Chairman/Secretary General OIC
We wish to convey to you & American and Western leaders, present in the Islamabad Conference on Afghanistan, the pathetic and neglected situation caused by the lingering Kashmir dispute and India’s 5 August, 2019, dismemberment of the territory in violation of the UN Charter, SC resolutions and bilateral agreements with Pakistan and commitments with the Kashmirs. We the Kashmiris living a besieged life since 2019, and our millions of compatriots in Pakistan and other foreign countries, are equally disgusted and disillusioned that there has been no effort on the part of the United Nations or any other world organisation or big powers to take solid steps to lessen miseries of the Kashmiris and break chains of Indian tyranny and repression and resolve the Kashmir dispute according to the guarantees and precedents of the United Nations Organisation. At the same time, it’s unfortunate that the OIC resolutions on J&K have not been honoured and the member countries of the OIC have not raised the issue of such callousness before the UN in their speeches in the GA. It was all the more disturbing and conspicuous that the UN didn’t question the authoritarian laws and policies of the Indian Modi regime implemented in Kashmir in violation of the UN Human Rights Commissioner’s reports of 2018 & 2019 and did never bother to constitute an enquiry committee to Jammu and Kashmir on burning conditions of the Indian occupied Kashmir.

Because of the very limited access provided to the international media and no space for free speech or free press in the Indian illegally Occupied State of Jammu and Kashmir, reports about the realities of the gross and flagrant human rights violations have been scanty as compared to similar situations elsewhere.

Notwithstanding the concern by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, many Kashmiri leaders, political workers & Human rights advocates and media men remain incarcerated in the Indian jails and suffer from mental and physical diseases , unabated human rights atrocities including sexual harassment and fake encounters or shoot- at -sight with impunity, evacuations, land grabbing, issuance of domiciles to non State residents and notifications of evacuation to bona-fide citizens & residents, continue across J&K, with sole motive to destroy the Muslim majority character of Jammu and Kashmir.

It’s the Indian army, paramilitary forces and police with large numbers and heavy modern weapons that rule the roost throughout the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The inhabitants of this besieged part of the territory are being treated like sub-humans by the Delhi regime and even the Kashmiri leadership under the APHC has been disallowed to make contacts with the outside world.

Therefore, we urge and call upon the OiC member countries and US and EU delegates of the Islamabad Conference to take a serious note of enormity and anarchy created by India in IIOJK and raise their voices before the United Nations for restoring basic human rights of the people, granting them the right to self -determination to decide their future amicably and peacefully in a UN ordained plebiscite as decided under the UNCIP resolutions of 1948 and 1949.”

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani,
Convener, All Parties Hurriyat Conference
Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
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