‘Religious minorities living in a state of fear in India’


Islamabad, December 17 (KMS): Muslims and other religious minorities are living in a state of fear and being persistently hounded in India under Modi-led fascist Indian regime as it is trampling upon the fundamental freedoms of religious minorities in the country.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Narendra Modi is shaping India’s policy according to the Hindutva dictates and religious freedom in the country has taken a drastic downward turn ever since he became Prime Minister.

It said Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are completely unsafe in India because of their faith as the Hindutva philosophy is that only Hindus have the right to live in India.

The report said, India is becoming increasingly intolerant under fascist Modi and religious sites of Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities are being vandalized by Hindutva forces with impunity. BJP is on a mission to purge India of its religious minorities, it added.

The report maintained that the world human rights bodies and the international community must come forward to save the religious minorities and take notice of Hindu fascism besides bringing fascist Modi to book for his crimes against religious minorities in India.