27-year-old Muslim man lynched in Haryana

New Delhi, December 17 (KMS): A 27-year-old Muslim man was thrashed to death by goons in Palwal district of Haryana, his family said, calling it a case of “lynching”.

Rahul Khan, a resident of Rasoolpur village near Palwal town, was kidnapped by a gang of goons on the night of December 13 when he had gone to attend a marriage, his brother-in-law Mohammad Akram told media over phone.

Khan succumbed to his injuries at a hospital on December 14 at around 10 pm. He was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Akram, the matter was initially passed off as an accident and the police complaint also says so but today (Thursday) morning, a video surfaced which showed Khan pleading before some men (not visible) for his life. They can be heard repeating words, “Hum Hindu hain (We are Hindu)”.

Moreover, Akram said, on deathbed Khan told his wife that he was beaten up by three men. “The attackers had bashed his head brutally. It looked like a smashed melon.” said Akram. “His feet were also injured and bleeding.”

A day before the kidnap, a man named Kalwa showed up at Khan’s house looking for him. Kalwa warned his wife to tell Khan that he had come to see him.

Ironically, Kalwa informed the family about Khan’s whereabouts. He told the family that he had found Khan in the injured state from the river side and kept him at his home. The family rushed to Kalwa’s home and took him to hospital where he passed away almost 6 hours after admission.

“We initially believed that it was accident but Khan’s own statement and now the video clarifies that it is a case of lynching,” Akram said.

The family demanded that police register a case of murder against the culprits.

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