VHP chief hints at mass murder, Hinduisation & expulsion of Indian Muslims

New Delhi, December 14 (KMS): Hindu extremist organizations Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), which is an offshoot of RSS, has obliquely referred more than 200 million Indian Muslims as “fourth-stage cancer” which requires “chemotherapy”.

After laying foundation for a new VHP building in Nagpur, also headquarters of its parent organization RSS, the outfit president Ravindra Narayan Singh said that the cancer survived in Independent India and reached the “fourth stage”, which, he added, needs “chemotherapy”.

When India was partitioned on the basis of religion, we had given a separate land for Muslims in the name of Pakistan. “Ye samjhiye ke hum apne desh se us cancer ko nikalna chahte thay— (We wanted to remove this cancer from our country). But, unfortunately, this did not succeed. Some Muslims remained in India. We accepted them with magnanimity as per the Hindu tradition of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (the whole world is family) and ‘atithi devo bhava’ (guest is god),” said Singh who is a doctor by profession.

“However, we forget that cancer grows slowly. Now after 70 years, it is at its fourth stage. It has engulfed our whole body. We have no enough time to remove it. It, therefore, needs chemotherapy,” said Singh.

He said that if the Muslims want to live in India they would have to give up their civilization and live as Hindus. His words are: “This does not mean that we get rid of 200 million Muslims. You cannot ask them to leave the country. All I am saying is Muslims should live with us, like several rivers merge in Ganga and then together flow as Ganga only. There is no such thing as Ganga-Jamuni civilization.”

He warned that any protest by the Muslims would reduce them to the smithereens. KMS-11R

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