Suppression of free speech becomes feature of Modi regime in India


Islamabad, December 12 (KMS): Suppression of free speech has become a feature of RSS-backed Modi regime as threats to freedom of speech have intensified in India since Modi’s ascension to power.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said new forms of censorship are proliferating in Modi’s India, adding free speech in India, though apparently guaranteed in Constitution, is forbidden in reality.

It deplored that the BJP-led Indian government was silencing its critics even on Facebook and Twitter. It said that India was also a dangerous country for journalists as Modi and his Hindutva brigade had created an environment of intimidation for journalists.

The report said that Reporters Without Borders, a France-based non-profit and non-governmental organization, had categorized India as bad for journalism, saying journalists are exposed to every kind of attack even police violence in India:

It said, journalism has become a crime in India under Modi-led fascist Indian government, adding the BJP government uses draconian laws to silence dissent in India.

The report urged the world community to take urgent steps for holding Modi regime accountable for suppression of free speech in India.

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