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Man holding child in arms beaten brutally by Indian Police, video sparks outrage

New Delhi, December 11 (KMS):  A shocking video, showing an Indian police official brutally thrashing a man holding a child in his arms in Kanpur Dehat’s Akbarpur area in Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral on social media triggering outrage.

The two videos circulated on social media are said to be from Kanpur Dehat showing several cops first beating a person and then a policeman is seen lashing baton repeatedly on him as he carries the child in his arm. People  can be heard in the background, “the child may get hurt”. The baby can be seen crying in the video.

As the video went viral triggering outrage, the police came out with a statement saying ‘mild force’ was used.

The police, however, said  that such behaviour by the police is not acceptable and ADG Zone Kanpur has been directed to investigate the matter and take appropriate action against the guilty policemen.

The video evoked angry reactions from people including disgruntled BJP leader Varun Gandhi who wrote in a tweet in Hindi, “A strong law and order is where the weakest of the weak can get justice. It is not that those seeking justice have to face this barbarity in place of justice, it is very painful. Strong law and order is that, where there is fear of law, Not the police.”   He also shared the video of the incident.

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