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Gen Bipin Rawat’s killing— India’s defense experts, social media users pointing a finger at inside job

New Delhi, December 08 (KMS): Voices on social and electronic media are growing louder with every passing minute, hinting at an inside job into the killing of Indian Chief of Defense Staff Bipin Rawat in a mysterious helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu, India, today.

Ex DGMO of Indian Army, Lt Gen (Retd) Shankar Prasad, who is also a writer and defense analyst while commenting on the killing of Bipin Rawat in his blog wrote: “Today’s unfortunate episode has cost India not only a visionary military commander but also given birth to many questions that shall continue to haunt over the years owing to the murky circumstances surrounding the whole affair.”

He said, “Mi-17V5 is an extremely reliable helicopter which has served with distinction in its service since India received the first unit. Its advanced technology as a medium lift helicopter and the excellent safety record is what makes it suitable for VVIP transportation. Furthermore, only highly experienced pilots and technicians are detailed for operating such aircrafts. In this purview, the odds of a mechanical error are astronomical.”

He also ruled out the weather factor saying that “Our skilled aviators are very much capable of operating in weather conditions far more challenging than mere CTHT (Cloud touching Hill Top) especially with aid of advanced avionics on board the Mi-17V5. Furthermore the readers, who are familiar with such high profile movements, must be aware of the stringent checks involved before the aircraft is given permission to take off. Any VVIP movement is cleared to proceed after going through weather clearance, operational clearance, air defense clearance, security clearance, FIC (Flight Info Clearance) etc. Even the local law enforcement agencies are taken on board prior to take-off.”

Then the General drew the conclusion in these words: “So was it Pilot error, mechanical failure or something more sinister? The fact that reforms planned and carried out by CDS Gen Rawat ruffled many feathers and brought out the ugly inter-services rivalry laundry in public is not a secret. Is it possible that the disaster we all witnessed was man-made, by the resentful black-sheeps within the armed forces fraternity?”

A Twitter handler Adil Raja while sharing a letter of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote that war within Indian establishment after an unwanted appointment of Chief of Defense Staff was quiet evident.

According to the Rajnath Singh’s letter, the humiliating treatment of Indian soldiers by the Chinese Army in Galwan Valley was the result of misreading of the situation by Army Chief General Manoj Narvane and Indian Army’s Commander XIV Corps Lt. General Harinder Singh. Rajnath Singh had added that this not only caused loss of Indian officers and soldiers but also created embarrassment for ‘shining India’.

“General Bipin Rawat has recommended removal of both the officers owing to their performance in this case as well as in the past,” the letter had disclosed.

Indian Army’s ex DGMO Lt Gen (Retd) Shankar Prasad also referred to a recent statement of Gen Bipin Rawat wherein he had said that Indian Air Force was a supporting arm and not a fighting arm itself. He was rebuked publicly by IAF chief and was told that Air Force was an instrument of power in itself. “This public clash exposed deep differences between the tri services over the concept of theatre commands. IAF and IN had always feared that they will be limited to subordinate services and brought under army command through this system,” Parsad wrote.

He further wrote: “The biggest proponent of the model was Gen Bipin Rawat who was made the 1st CDS of India despite opposition from other services. Just 2 weeks ago Rawat had given final deadline to IAF and IN on operationalization of theatre commands.”

“Today Gen Rawat is dead, Shankar Prasad said, “and so is his idea of theatre commands. Interestingly in a Chopper carrying 14 people only Group Captian Varun Singh was an Air Force officer the rest were all from the army and the Group Captain has survived. Was it an assassination having roots in tri services rivalry, did IAF which had resisted appointment of a CDS since 1999 finally strike, did the long silence have a reason. Maybe we will know in due course.

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