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Civil society demands probe into civilian killings by Indian Army in Nagaland

New Delhi, December 07 (KMS): Civil society groups have demanded a high-level probe into the killing of civilians by Indian army in Indian disturbed state of Nagaland.

The people reportedly from Mon district staged strong protest against the killings and burnt structures. Locals attacked an Indian Army camp in Mon district and destroyed it.

Meanwhile, Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) called the killing of civilians in Nagaland “a new low in the brutality of Indian Armed forces”.

In a statement SIO President Salman Ahmad said that his group “stands in solidarity with the families in these calamitous times and demands prosecution of the culprits under criminal law.” Salman Ahmad also called for repeal of black law Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Janhastakshep, a people’s intervention group, also condemned the callous murder of civilians in Nagaland. The group’s convener Vikas Bajpai in a statement said that this operation is only one among a series leading to such loss of innocent civilian lives at the hands of the Indian forces.

Janhastakshep said, criminal misconduct of the Indian army, paramilitary and police, be it in Northeast, Kashmir, or even in Uttar Pradesh, is bound to lend little credibility to the claims of ‘botched encounter’ in the eyes of the people in Nagaland or the vast masses.

It demanded a free and fair inquiry into the incident supervised by a credible authority and strictest possible punishment for those found guilty.

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