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Resolution of Kashmir dispute through talks among all stakeholders stressed

Jammu, December 05 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the Bharat Bangladesh Pakistan Peoples Forum (BBPPF) has stressed the need to resolve the Kashmir dispute through talks among all the stakeholders.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Sheikh Abdul Rehman, former member of Parliament and vice-president of BBPPF, Indian chapter, addressing a press conference at Press Club in Jammu said, “India and Pakistan relations continue to suffer from the colonial partition and Kashmir remains the key issue that leads to continuous tensions, preventing any form of a short or long term constructive dialogue.”

He said, Indian civil society has largely been a failure in creating a solidarity movement with the people of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. He said, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s recent steps in Kashmir have only worsened the situation.

The former MP said, South Asia with a mass greater than Europe and a population nearly 2 billion or 1/4th of humanity is witnessing extreme poverty and under-development of its human potential and the main reason behind this is the tensions between India and Pakistan. Even as China continues to build political and economic inroads into the region, we need to have a deep look at the issues between these three nations and find solutions if South Asia is to rise to its destiny.

He said democratic movements in these countries will have to coordinate a strategy to identify the ideology, organizations and forces of religious extremism and thus build a united coordinated struggle not only across Bharat, Bangladesh and Pakistan South but also in whole South Asia.

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