‘IIOJK witnessing repeated cycles of brutal suppression by Indian troops’


Islamabad, November 28 (KMS): The Modi-led fascist Indian government has increased its state terrorism in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to suppress the Kashmiris’ just struggle for right to self-determination.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said Kashmir is witnessing repeated cycles of brutal suppression as killing innocent people in fake encounters by Indian troop has become a regular feature in IIOJK.

It said, Modi regime has waged a war on the unarmed people of the occupied territory and is using its military might to subdue Kashmiris’ freedom sentiments. Kashmiris are bearing the brunt of Indian brutalities for over seven decades, deplored.

The report said, the BJP-led Indian government uses terrorism as a ploy to intimidate Kashmiris and is carrying forward Hindutva agenda in IIOJK but the Indian repression can’t break the Kashmiris’ will as Kashmiris’ spirit for freedom remains unflinching in the face of Indian atrocities. Preamble of Kashmiris’ freedom movement has been written with martyrs’ blood, it added.

It said, India’s grisly face stands exposed in the occupied territory but the world’s silence is emboldening India to increase its repression in IIOJK. The brave people of Kashmir will foil the nefarious designs of India and would take the freedom movement to its logical conclusion, it added.

The report said that the human rights organizations should raise their voice against the barbaric acts of India in the occupied territory and the world must act to end Indian brutalities in IIOJK

Kashmiris need global community’s support to get freedom from clutches of Indian occupation and India will have to pay for its state terrorism in the territory, the report maintained.