Modi govt insulting spirit of Constitution: Congress

New Delhi, November 26 (KMS): The Congress has said that the Modi government is “insulting” the “spirit” of the Constitution of India by disrespecting the Opposition.

the Congress Deputy Leader in Indian Rajya Sabha, Anand Sharma addressing a press conference in New Delhi said merely observing the Constitution Day as government function and disrespecting the spirit and essence of the Constitution of India is a very poor reflection of the state of affairs.

He said, the Opposition has no role but to sit in the audience. Two years ago, the Congress had demanded that the Opposition be given a role on the day but the government did not heed to the advice. Since the country has a multi-party system, all the public representatives should have been given due importance in the function, he deplored.

“We had protested to the event being reduced to a mere government function and hoped that in future the government will respect the Parliamentary democracy.” Sharma said.

“Our protest today is based on fundamental principles to remind our country that the Constitution is being undermined and not respected. The Parliamentary democracy is being threatened by passing laws without any Parliamentary scrutiny,” he added.