11 cases of high-quality uranium theft in India warrant global action


Islamabad, November 23 (KMS): Pakistan has rejected Indian claims about the seizure of a Pakistani vessel containing radioactive consignment adding that India built the edifice of lies against Pakistan to counter the frequent reports about the illegal sale of highly radioactive Uranium in India.

According to an analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service, responding to the false claims made by Indian media, Pakistan made it clear that the Indian media reports about seizure of possible radioactive material is factually incorrect, baseless and laughable. Islamabad termed the claim as a ploy meant to malign Pakistan and mislead the international community.

Pakistan’s all its nuclear power plants and research reactors are under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.

“It is India where reports about illegal sale of highly radioactive Uranium have surfaced at least twice this year,” Islamabad said and added that 11 cases relating to seizure of high quality uranium have been reported in India since 1994. Such reports is a matter of deep concern as they point to lack of control on the safety of nuclear material in India at government level, the KMS report said.

The report said that Pakistan has rightly demanded of the world to initiate a thorough investigation of the incidents of uranium theft in India as illegal uranium trade in India has raised questions on security measures around its N-facilities.