Repeal of farm laws defeat of BJP govt’s ego: Sawhney

Jammu, November 21 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Congress leader, Yogesh Sawhney has said that repeal of farm laws is the defeat of BJP government’s ego and arrogance.

Yogesh Sawhney, addressing a press conference in Jammu, commenting on the repeal of the three farm laws by the Modi regime, described it as the victory of the farmers’ struggle supported by a Congress-led Opposition.

Sawhney called the decision of the Indian government a “historic victory” for the farmers and the Opposition and stated that it is a testament to the immense power that people hold if they come together against an arrogant government. The fight of the Congress party alongside our farmer brothers has finally culminated in defeat of Modi Government and has brought an end to these black laws.

“It is a defeat of the arrogance, ego and hollow pride of the BJP government. And it is the victory of the farmers. The fight does not end here because the government’s move in the past has resulted in 700 farmers losing their lives, many were injured, thousands came to the streets and roads, away from their families for months at a time, and yet Prime Minister Modi in his address expressed no remorse or apology,” he added.