4th phase for Khalistan referendum being held in UK today


Islamabad, November 21 (MMS): The 4th phase of Khalistan referendum, aimed at carving out a separate homeland for the Sikh community in India, is being held in the UK cities of Leicester, Coventry and Derby on Sunday (today).

According to an analytical report by Kashmir Media Service, voting for the Khalistan referendum kick-started on 31 October 2021 in London in which over 30,000 Sikhs participated.

Sikhs massively participated in the next two phases of Khalistan referendum held in the UK on 7 and 14 November 2021.

Huge participation of Sikhs in Khalistan referendum has unnerved the BJP-led Indian government, which was forced to threaten the British Sikhs of Indian origin of tough action to prevent them from participating in Khalistan referendum.

The referendum for Sikh separate homeland will also be held in the US, Canada, Australia and the Indian region of Punjab, soon.

The KMS report said that voting in Geneva for Khalistan referendum will be held on December 10.

As per international experts, the Khalistan referendum is in complete consonance with the UN Charter, and the findings of the referendum will be shared with the UN and other global bodies to seek support for separate Sikh homeland.

Modi-led India tried hard to stop the Sikh referendum exercise in the UK while the fact is that separate Sikh homeland is a dream of every Sikh in the name of Khalistan.

Persecution of Sikhs in India has stimulated their movement to get a separate homeland for themselves, the report said and added that the demand for separate homeland is the birth right of Sikhs under international laws.