Repeal of farm laws: Modi govt urged to withdraw CAA

New Delhi, November 20 (KMS): While welcoming the announcement of repealing the three farm laws,  Maulana Arshad Madani, President, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to now pay attention to the Citizenship Amendment Law (CAA), widely regarded as anti-Muslim and withdraw it.

“Every effort was made to subdue the peasant movement like all other movements of the country, conspiracies were hatched to divide the peasants among themselves, but the peasants of the country continued to make all kinds of sacrifices and remained steadfast in their endeavour,” said Jamiat president.

Maulana Arshad Madani said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should now pay attention to the Citizenship Amendment Law, widely regarded as anti-Muslim, that had triggered huge outrage in the country. Like the agricultural laws the controversial CAA should also be withdrawn.

Maulana Madani said that it has been proved that if a movement is run with honesty and patience for a legitimate purpose, then success is bound to be achieved.

Moreover, Jamiat President hinted at the undeniable fact that the peasants found their way to such a strong movement inspired by the movement against the CAA when women, even the elderly women, sat on the streets day and night for justice. Those who joined the movement were oppressed severely, and many were arrested under the false charges, but the movement could not be broken or suppressed.

Jamiat president further said that the repeal of Farm laws proved that in democracy the power of the people is paramount and every person has the right to have his say. The real power in a democracy rests in the people.

Maulana Madani said that the success of farmers movement also proved that no people’s movement can be crushed by force.