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Protests against Facebook’s role in anti-Muslim hate speech in India

Washington, November 15 (KMS): Hundreds of people staged protests against Facebook for allowing hate speeches to be freely posted in India, resulting in persecution, physical attacks and killing of members of non-Hindu minorities particularly Muslims.

The people of different faiths, professions and backgrounds gathered in eight major U.S. cities held protests, organized by India Genocide Watch.

The speakers demanding that Facebook’s founder-CEO Mark Zuckerberg end his company’s complicity in extreme Hindutva Hindu rightwing incitement to violence, proliferating on Facebook and WhatsApp, as exposed by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Protest demonstrations, that also included women and children, were held in Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle and San Francisco’s Menlo Park, where Facebook is headquartered.

Many of the protesters, who can never return to India due to Indian government and its agencies threats, have family in India who are targets of state-sanctioned persecution, discrimination and physical violence.

Speakers while condemning facebook inactions on hate speech said “We demand that Facebook designate as dangerous organizations Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, its Nazi-inspired ideological parent Rashtriya Swayamasevak Sangh and their armed affiliates, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal,” declared Rasheed Ahmed, Executive Director of the Indian American Muslim Council.

At a protest at Menlo Park in California, outside the global headquarters of Meta, the new name for Facebook, Inc., Javid Ali of Bay Muslims for Human Rights, said, “Facebook deliberately and knowingly refused to block Islamophobic hate enabling fascist violence against India’s Muslims. Facebook has blood on its hands.”

As protesters braved the rain to march to Facebook’s office in Seattle chanting “Facebook Hatebook,” Kshama Sawant, a member of the Seattle City Council, said, “Companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are participants… in the state forces of bigotry, hate, religions and caste oppressions.” Added Hira Singh Bhullar of Khalsa Gurmat Center, a Sikh NGO: “This hate is coming from politicians promoting hate. Shame on Facebook.” said a Muslim activist Javed Sikander, “The hatred is destroying the fabric of Indian society.”

At Charlotte, North Carolina, protester Elyas Mohammed said, “Facebook provided a platform for the right-wing hate-mongering elements to flourish. Had it taken stringent action on fake accounts things could have been different.”

Shakeib Mashhood, a protester at Houston, Texas, said: “Facebook is becoming a tool to spread hate In India, which is very outrageous. More concerning is that Facebook knew that this was happening but it did not take any action. They did not block it.”

At Chicago, Syed Shoaib Qadri said, “We want accountability from Facebook for its criminal behavior.”

“Facebook is enabling inflammatory and violent rhetoric against Muslims in India and around the world. Facebook should designate RSS, Bajrang Dal and all its affiliates as dangerous and terrorist organizations,” said Musaddique Thange, a protester at San Diego, California.

Zameer Khan, organizer of the Atlanta protest, declared: “Public protests and demonstrations are needed to begin to galvanize the American people and politicians especially into taking action against Facebook for poor management of its social media platform.”

As Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen and Facebook’s own internal documents have revealed, the vast RSS-BJP network is running fake pages and deliberately spreading misinformation, hate speech and incitement to violence, abetted by Facebook’s algorithms.

On Oct. 4 2021, Time Magazine, published an important article detailing how India is headed on the path of a full blown anti-Muslim genocide.

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