People of Junagarh have right to decide political future


Islamabad, November 09 (KMS): November 9 is the day when India illegally occupied Muslim-ruled princely state, Junagarh, in sheer violation of international laws in 1947.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service in connection with the fateful day said that Pakistan has a rightful claim on Junagarh state owing to a genuine Instrument of Accession to this end. Nawab Mahabat Khan, the then governor of Junagarh, signed an agreement of accession to Pakistan in accordance with the ideology of the country on 15 September 1947.

The report maintained that the accession of Junagarh to Pakistan was the dream envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at the time of Partition of the Sub Continent. Junagarh’s ruler and its people had vowed to accede to Pakistan before India illegally occupied it.

Pakistan is committed towards the issue of Junagarh as it has included it in its new political map

It is only the people of Junagarh who have the right to decide its political future, the report said and added that India is illegally holding both Kashmir and Junagarh in brazen violation of the Partition Plan.

Pakistan is committed to make efforts for the liberation of Kashmir and Junagarh from Indian illegal occupation and it urges the UN to play its role liberation of Kashmir and Junagarh from Indian illegal occupation.