Congress blames Modi Govt for one million suicides in 7 years

New Delhi, November 08 (KMS): The Congress has blamed the Narendra Modi-led BJP government for the death of around one million people in 7 years who allegedly committed suicide in India.

The Congress party cited its National Crime Record Bureau Report on “Suicides & Accidental Deaths in India”, which says 9,58,275 Indians ended their lives by committing suicide between 2014-2020 said that it came to power with the promise of ‘Acche Din’ but did nothing to achieve this.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala, in a statement, said: “The report, with its figures regarding suicide, underlines the unprecedented tragedy that is ruining India. Hapless citizens, being ground under extreme apathy and insensitivity of the government, are losing the last hope and taking their own lives.”

The Congress also said that in an attempt to mask its anti-people policies, the Modi government is “nakedly resorting to perpetuating divisiveness, negativity, hopelessness amongst the people”.

It said that there was an increase of 55 per cent in the number of students committing suicide, 58 per cent among the unemployed and a whopping 139.37 per cent rise amongst farmers, labourers and daily wagers. An overall number of suicides across categories increased by 16.24 per cent.

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