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Pakistan's Support to Kashmir

World wants solution to Kashmir issue: AJK president

Islamabad, November 03 (KMS): President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry has said that his recent visit abroad has broken the two-year stalemate on Kashmir issue, as the international community wants an immediate solution to the Kashmir issue.

“I returned from a visit to the UK and Europe Monday. When I was sworn in as President on August 26, I said that I would raise the issue of Kashmir aggressively on the world stage because Azad Kashmir is the base camp of independence. Therefore, we have a greater responsibility to speak up for the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir,” he told a news conference here.

In abroad, he noted the Kashmiri diaspora was inactive due to the coronavirus situation and after August 05, 2019, unconstitutional Indian measures in occupied Kashmir gave birth to a new situation and there was a huge increase in Indian state terrorism. In this situation, he said he decided to speak out against the ongoing atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and the Kashmir issue before the international community, on which he visited the United States in September and the United Kingdom and Europe in October.

AJK president said that during his visit to the United States, he led a demonstration of Kashmiris on the occasion of Modi’s visit to the UN General Assembly. In addition to addressing the OIC Contact Group meeting, including a meeting with the UN Secretary General, the OIC Permanent Representative to the UN and meetings with US Congressmen, senators and think tanks and the international media on the current situation in Occupied Kashmir, he gave briefings on the Kashmir issue.

During his visit to the UK, he attended a function on behalf of Lord Mayor City Council Leeds at Leeds City Council and also addressed a function of Kashmiris in Birmingham on the occasion of Azad Kashmir Foundation Day on 24 October.

Afterwards, he addressed press conferences at various events in the British cities of Luton, Milton, Connaught and Slav. Similarly, he also addressed the British members of Parliament at the House of Commons in London on 26th October at the invitation of Debbie Abraham, Chairperson of the All Party Kashmir Committee in the British Parliament. More than 40 members of Parliament attended the meeting.

Similarly, in London, he met with Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative Friends of Kashmir Chairman James Daly to brief them on the Kashmir issue and the ongoing Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. Later, he met with members of the European Parliament and other senior EU officials, including the Kashmiris protesting in Brussels, Belgium, and called on the EU to appoint a representative on Kashmir.

He participated in a demonstration of Kashmiris in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the capital of the Netherlands, while he also participated in a huge demonstration of Kashmiris in Paris, the capital of France, and met with French think tanks there: He gave a detailed briefing on Kashmir issue.

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