Afridi terms Kashmir an ‘uncompromisable’ issue

Islamabad, October 30 (KMS):  Addressing a national conference to review the steps taken by India to change the demography of Kashmir under a well-organized plan, Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Chairman Shehryar Afridi on Friday termed Kashmir as an “uncompromisable” issue.

He highlighted how the government has effectively raised the issue of Kashmir in all international forums, adding that the United Nations has so far failed to implement its resolutions.

“The United Nations is not fulfilling the purpose of its establishment. It should be remembered that the League of Nations was also abolished for not fulfilling its purpose and duties.”

Afridi further said the world understands that India has become a threat to world peace.

On the occasion, Former Pakistani ambassador to India, Abdul Basit, said India has issued Kashmiri domiciles to about 4 million non-natives.

He added that everything that India has done in Kashmir from 1947 till date is illegal and a sheer violation of international law.

“In this regard, the Indian Supreme Court and the High Courts have clear decisions according to which the special status of Kashmir cannot be removed,” Basit said, “Despite this, India is not only taking illegal steps but also the international community has shut its eyes off of this grave issue. That is why India is now trying to change the proportion of the population in Kashmir.”


While addressing the participants of the conference, Justice (retd) Ali Nawaz Chauhan said Kashmir is a global issue. “Kashmir is neither part of India nor can India maintain its hold on Kashmir. Pakistan needs to reconsider its policy on Kashmir,” he said. “UNO has given the Kashmiri people the right to vote through its resolutions.”