Hindutva mobs unleash terror on Muslims in India’s Tripura state


Islamabad, October 29 (KMS): Hindutva mobs, under state patronage, have unleashed terror on Muslims in Tripura state of India.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, at least 16 mosques, dozens of houses and shops of Muslims have been attacked by Hindu extremists associated with RSS, BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) at different places in Tripura during past one week and tension continues to prevail in Panisagar area of Tripura following the attacks by Hindu extremists.

It said that reports of vandalism, intimidation and targeting of mosques and houses of Muslims continue to emerge in Tripura. The attacks on mosques and Muslims’ properties was followed a rally taken out by Hindu extremists, it added.

The report said that photos and videos, openly shared on social media, show violent Hindu mobs raising anti-Muslim slogans during protests in Tripura. It said, nearly dozens of cases of anti-Muslims violence have been reported from BJP-ruled Tripura in last five days.

It said, even Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi in a tweet condemned the brutal attack on Muslims in Tripura and criticised the saffron party-led government over the statewide attacks on mosques and Muslim habitations in Tripura. He said, “Muslims are being brutalised in Tripura, asking how long the BJP government will pretend to be deaf and blind towards the attacks against the country’s largest religious minority.”

The report said, Muslims in India have faced decades of discrimination, which has only worsened under BJP’s government and have increasingly faced attacks since BJP came to power in India. The people of conscientious must come forward to save Indian Muslims from RSS-BJP onslaught, it maintained.