Violence against Kashmiri students in Indian states condemned

Jammu, October 28 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the United Peace Alliance (UPA), an association of Jammu-based various socio-political organizations, has strongly condemned the violence unleashed across several states of India against Kashmiri students after Pakistan defeated India in a cricket World Cup match on Sunday.

The UPA Chairman, Mir Shahid Saleem, talking to media persons in Jammu said that after defeat of the Indian cricket team in Dubai, the members of saffron groups unleashed a reign of terror against the Kashmiri students, studying in different professional colleges across India. He said, whenever something happens between India and Pakistan or in Kashmir, violence is unleashed against innocent Kashmiri students in India.

He said that it was a sheer hypocrisy on the part of the Indian authorities that they were slapping infamous anti-terror law, Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) against the Kashmiri students for celebrating the victory of Pakistan while those who committed violence against the innocent Kashmiri students were being let free.

Mir Shahid Saleem said the cricket match was nothing but just a game between the players of the two countries but it was being communalized to such an extent by the rightwing political parties that they could not digest the defeat of the Indian team.

He said a cricket match was not a war between the two countries and those, supporting Pakistan team, should have been taken lightly by the authorities. He said that it was not for the first time that Kashmiri students were beaten and harassed by the rightwing elements.