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Hindutva terrorists attack Kashmiri students in Punjab, India after Pakistan’s win

Srinagar, October 25, (KMS): After Pakistan’s win against India in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Kashmiri students were physically assaulted by the Hindutva terrorists in various colleges of Punjab in India.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Hindutva terrorists hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar barged into the hostels and beat up Kashmiri students ruthlessly at Bhai Guru Das Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sangrur, Punjab.

One of the students live-streamed the attack on Facebook while the students were being attacked with rods and sticks as the attackers barged into their rooms.

Aaqib, an engineering student from Bhai Guru Das Institute of Engineering and Technology told media men that some students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar barged into their rooms with rods and attacked them.

“We were in our hostel rooms when we heard some noise coming from outside. We went to see what is happening and saw some people attacking Kashmiri students in the other block. They had broken the windowpanes of their rooms and were continuously shouting ‘You Are Pakistanis’,” another student, Shoiab, from the same college said.

“We locked ourselves in our rooms,” he added. “Locals from Punjab, mostly Sikhs, came to our rescue. They tried to save us from these attacks,” a student said.

Nasir Khuehami, spokesperson for Jammu and Kashmir Student Association told media men that he has received distressing phone calls from Kashmiri students studying in various colleges of Punjab after India’s defeat in the match.

“The videos I am receiving of these attacks are very distressing,” he said.

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