Everyone is feeling unsafe in IIOJK: Omar Abdullah

New Delhi, October 14 (KMS): Former Chief Minister of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah has said that everyone is feeling unsafe, and asked the authorities to give the people a sense of security cutting across religions.

Omar Abdullah, Abdullah, talking to media in New Delhi, castigated the authorities for trying to score propaganda and public relations victories rather than focus on the ground realities and asked them to take a long hard look at why we have reached where we have.

He, however, cautioned against detaining people across the valley and said, “We need to be very careful not to get into knee-jerk reactions. Reactions for the sake of reacting, just because we have to show something, we do this.”

“If there is, by all means proceed and file charges and let the courts decide about the guilt but this sort of random and wanton sort of arrest, it doesn’t help the situation and in fact anything it makes the situation worse,” he added.

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