FATF must blacklist India for terror financing, money laundering


Islamabad, October 09 (KMS): India under fascist Narendra Modi has become a security threat to the world but is being overlooked by Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and other global bodies.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said India is financing and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and other regional countries. “India is a fit case to be blacklisted by FATF for its money laundering, terrorism sponsoring. 44 Indian banks have been flagged for carrying out suspicious transactions worth more than $1 billion,” it said.

The report maintained that New Delhi is trying to destroy the credibility of global institutions like FATF for fulfilling its narrow political designs still the financial body is reluctant to take action against it.

FATF has shown favoritism towards India by continuing to ignore its money laundering and terror financing, the report said, and deplored that India has been given a free hand despite of its involvement in terror financing and money laundering. This preferential treatment to India will only damage FATF’s credibility, it pointed out.

The report said that the FATF must take action against India and Modi for being involved in terror financing and money laundering and the upcoming plenary meeting of the financial body is the right time to blacklist New Delhi for its suspicious transactions.