Opinion against Hindutva in India is linked to treason: French author

New Jersey, October 01 (KMS): French author, Christoph Jefferlatt, has revealed that Hindu extremist nationalists are using various tactics for self-censorship. Every voice raised against Hindutva in India is associated with enmity and treason.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Why is the Western world silent on the dying democracy in India? said Christoph Jefferlatt, a professor of Indian politics and sociology at King’s College London and a French-born author, recently published his book Modi’s India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy from Princeton University. I have raised many questions in this regard.

Professor Christoph said in his book that Modi had recently made a hollow claim at the United Nations that democracy was born in India. “But no one asked Modi what is the state of democracy in India today? Democracy is declining there! Over the years, India’s weakening democracy has been recognized by various international organizations with documentary evidence,” he said.

The French author wrote that in 2018, the “Variety of Democracy Institute” called India an electoral democracy instead of a liberal democracy because civil society and media freedom are being taken away.

In 2019, India dropped 10 points to 51st in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index. India is listed in the Democracy Index as a failed democracy as civil liberties become more and more limited. In 2020, Freedom House in its annual report also included India among the countries of concern.

The book states that India is the most degraded country in terms of democracy and human freedoms in the Freedom Index 2020. Freedom House raised concern over the suppression of democratic voices through black laws in the name of security, contempt of court and treason.

India also ranks 142nd in terms of press freedom, down 9 points. Hindu extremists are using various tactics for nationalist self-censorship. In India, every voice against Hindutva is associated with enmity and treason, but the West is ignoring all these facts.

Professor Christoph said, the plan to use India as a proxy in the new Cold War against China is ignoring its human rights violations. This hypocrisy has opened the floodgates of the West’s own democracy. India’s anti-democratic policies are silently damaging Western credibility, he added.

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