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Rich tributes paid to Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam

Islamabad, September 30 (KMS): Distinguished intellectuals, journalists and Kashmiri activists assembled in Islamabad at a condolence reference held for renowned intellectual, Kashmir freedom movement stalwart and former Executive Director of Kashmir Media Service, late Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam and paid tributes to him for his valuable and matchless services and sacrifices for the Kashmir cause.

The reference was organized by a group of Kashmiri journalists at the National Press Club (NPC), Islamabad, and was presided over by Chairman Al-Basira Trust & Deputy Secretary General Milli Yekhjehti Council, Saqib Akbar, to pay homage to the deceased intellectual, also known as Mohsin-e-Kashmir, for his contributions at different fronts of freedom of Kashmir. Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam passed away in Islamabad on September 05, 2021 after a brief illness.

Among others, the reference was attended by Editor-in-Chief Sabah News Agency, Shakeel Turabi, former president Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Afzal Butt, Secretary General NPC, Anwar Raza, President Kashmir Journalists Forum (KJF), Zahid Abbasi, Editor Daily Kashmir Times, Abid Abbasi, APHC (AJK) leaders, Zahid Safi, Nisar Mirza, Syed Kifayat Rizvi and Mushtaq Geelani, Kashmiri activist Dr Mujahid Geelani and senior journalists Raja Shaifq, Muhammad Raza Malik, Hilal Ahmed, Naeem Rathar, Latif Dar, Zahoor Ahmad, Raja Khalil, Abul Aziz and Ashraf Wani.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Al-Basira Trust, Saqib Akbar, said that Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam was an unsung hero of Kashmir freedom movement. He said the deceased intellectual practically made the KMS as an ideological movement where from every development of Kashmir is being monitored and disseminated. He expressed the hope that the mission of Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam would continue.

He stressed the need for compiling works, sayings and other ideological material of the deceased to carry forward this ideology to the coming generations. He added that the best tribute to the departed soul was to continue his mission with high spirits.

Speaking on the occasion, Editor-in-Chief Sabah, Shakeel Turabi, said that Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam was an asset of Kashmir freedom movement who had headed Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir besides remaining Chief Editor of Azan newspaper.

He said that the deceased had remained steadfast on his stance on the Kashmir dispute and had been advocating that the issue must be resolved through United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

PFUJ former president, Afzal Butt, said that Shaikh Tajammul was considered as an authority on Kashmir and highlighted the need that journalists should play their role in carrying forward his mission.

APHC leader, Zahid Safi, said that late Shaikh Tajammul had always raised voice against Indian illegal occupation since his youth.

Editor Daily Kashmir Times, Abid Abbasi, said that the work done by the deceased on media front was well recognized and could be felt at international level, while Kashmiri activist Dr Mujahid Geelani said that his death was a great loss to the Kashmir freedom movement.

KJF President Zahid Abbasi said that the deceased had unique identity in Kashmir while Senior Editor KMS, Muhammad Raza Malik said that Kashmir cause had remained Shaikh Tajammul-ul-Islam’s top priority and he had devoted his whole life for this sacred purpose.

Later, special prayer was offered for the departed soul and for grant of courage by Almighty Allah to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss with patience.

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