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India should initiate dialogue with Taliban: Farooq Abdullah

New Delhi, September 26 (KMS): The President of National Conference (NC), Farooq Abdullah has batted for dialogue with the Taliban.

Farooq Abdullah in a media interview in New Delhi said that India had invested billions in Afghanistan so there was no harm in engaging with the new Taliban regime in the war-torn country.

He said, “Taliban are in power in Afghanistan now. India spent billions on different projects during the last regime in Afghanistan. We should talk to the current Afghan regime. When we’ve invested so much in the country so what’s the harm in keeping relations with them”?

The National Conference chief also urged the Indian government to initiate dialogue with farmers who have been protesting against the three farm laws since November last year at the borders of the Indian capital. He asserted that the Indian government should form new laws for the agriculture sector with inputs from farmers.

Commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s current US visit, Abdullah said, “I am sure that PM Modi must be talking to all leaders, including the US President Joe Biden. There is no doubt that terrorism is eating the whole world. But who started terrorism? Who attacked Iraq? Who bombed Libya despite the UN`s warning? Which is the terrorist nation that destabilised the other nations”?

He stressed that terrorism is a global menace and said it should be ensured that all the countries are safe. “All the powerful nations have to collectively make sure that no nation is weak,” the NC chief said.

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