‘India trying to scapegoat Pakistan to hide its failures in Afghanistan’


Islamabad, September 23 (KMS): After facing defeat in Afghanistan, India wants to build an anti-Pakistan narrative by trying to create an impression that Islamabad will use Taliban’s takeover in Kabul as an opportunity to foment trouble in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said, Indian propaganda against Pakistan is meant to divert the world’s attention from its atrocities in IIOJK, adding, the main purpose of the Indian propaganda is to create a negative impression of Pakistan in the world.

The report said, Modi-led fascist Indian regime aims to link the Kashmiris’ struggle for self-determination to terrorism and in doing so it wants to normalize its oppression against the Kashmiris. India wants to criminalize the Kashmiris’ resistance by resorting to disinformation campaign, it maintained.

The report said, there is an increased possibility that India will conduct one more false flag operation in IIOJK to build its spurious narrative of terrorism as it has a history of carrying out false flag operations to achieve its nefarious designs.

It pointed out that India was always playing the victim card, adding it will fail in its wicked designs against Pakistan and the Kashmir freedom struggle. Pakistan would not allow any country, including India, to make it scapegoat for its failures in Afghanistan, it noted.

The report urged India to stop playing blame games and instead positively work for achieving peace and stability in the region. KMS—9A

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