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India, not Pakistan carries out subversive activities, former RAW agent spills the beans

New Delhi, September 23 (KMS): An Indian news channel has exposed India’s hollow claims of not being involved in subversive activities in Pakistan by interviewing a former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent.

Pro Punjab TV interviewed an ex-RAW agent named Daniel who spoke at length about how he was sent by the infamous spy agency to Pakistan “to make bombs go off”.

During the interview, Daniel revealed that he spied on Pakistan at India’s behest in the ’90s and was caught by Pakistani security forces. Daniel said he spent four years in prison before he was released.

Speaking to the news channel, he admitted that Pakistan does not send spies in India to carry out subversive activities. Rather, India frequently sends spies over into Pakistani territory.

Daniel said that another Indian spy, Raju, is currently in Pakistan. The former RAW operative said that when he returned to India after getting caught in Pakistan, he was issued a meager Rs15,000 and fired from service.

Praising the people of Pakistan, Daniel admitted that the Indian government keeps sending spies to its neighbour country.

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