Minorities facing existential threat in Modi’s India


Islamabad, September 18 (KMS): Indian minorities are facing existential threat as Narendra Modi-led fascist government has made India an unsafe place for them.

A report released by the Kashmir Media Service, today, said Muslims and other minorities are living in a perpetual state of fear in India. It said Modi is shaping India’s policy according to the Hindutva dictates and religious minorities are attacked by Hindu fanatics with impunity in BJP-ruled India.

The report said forcible conversion, attack on mosques and churches and lynching of Muslims by Hindu fanatics have become a routine matter in India under Modi. It pointed out that persecution of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and low-caste Hindus has increased manifold since BJP came to power in 2014.

“Religious freedom in India has taken drastic turn downward in Modi’s India. Hate crimes against Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities have alarmingly increased across India,” the report deplored.

It maintained that BJP-led Indian regime is relentlessly imposing the RSS ideology on the minorities in India. Anti-Kashmir moves and new citizenship law are glaring examples of BJP’s anti-Muslim acts, it said.

The report said, global experts on genocidal violence, including the Genocide Watch, have warned that India is preparing for genocide of Muslims in India and IIOJK. Rights and life of the Indian religious minorities will remain under threat till BJP is in power in India, it warned.

The report said unchecked attacks on religious minorities in India pose a challenge for the global community. It added that the world community must come forward to save the Indian minorities and Kashmiri Muslims from Hindu fascism.

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