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IIOJK in focus

Hindu extremist groups share misleading video of cow slaughter in IIOJK

Srinagar, September 16 (KMS): A video from July 2021 is being shared widely by Hindu extremists associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on social media in India as a triumph for Kashmiri Pandits after Article-370 abrogation in August 2019.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in the video a man can be heard stopping a group from slaughtering cows in an illegal slaughterhouse.

Speaking in Kashmiri, the man says: “I will see how you will slaughter 20-22 cows, Molvi Sahab is this slaughterhouse? I am harmed by this.” In the 2-minute video, which has been viewed by at least 3 million people and shared over 27 thousand times from the RSS Fan club page on Facebook, the man continues: “You will slaughter so many cows, what am I supposed to do with the stinky smell and the blood. This time I will see how you will do it, don’t dig any hole here, I am telling you.”

The video has now been shared by Hindu groups who claim that it is an impact of abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. Many other pages, which have more than million followers on social media, have made similar claims that the person behind the video is a Kashmiri pandit and he is emboldened by the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, Srinagar-based web portal The Kashmir Walla reached out to the person in the video and it turned out that he is a Kashmiri Muslim from Srinagar.

While talking to web portal, Arif Jan, a resident of Srinagar, said that he had shot the video on the day of Eid-ul-Adha “I was disturbed by the stinky smell of cow leftovers and that I had asked the Darul Uloom people to not do it this time, the matter has been solved by the Mohalla committee long ago,” he said. “This video is two months old I don’t know why it is being shared now,” Jan said of the video which is viral now.

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