‘Gilani epitome of Kashmir freedom struggle’

Islamabad, Sept 10 (KMS): Syed Ali Gilani has been an epitome of the Kashmir freedom struggle against Indian occupation and he would long be remembered and honoured for his great sacrifices and leadership vision for the Kashmiri people.

This was the consensus of the speakers at a Special Reference to commemorate the struggle of Syed Ali Gilani organised here by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).

Mishaal Malick, chairperson, Peace and Culture Organisation, said that Syed Ali Gilani exhibited the same level of resistance from the start of his political life to his last breath. She said that we would take the message of Syed Gilani forward. “Even after his death, the occupational forces were afraid of him and they have deprived the people of bidding him a final farewell,” She added.

Altaf Hussain Wani, director Programme, Kashmiri Institute of International Relations (PIIR), said that Syed Ali Gilani faced all kinds of oppression with courage and bravery. The life of Gilani Saheb will be a great source of inspiration for future generations in standing against the injustices and subjugation of the nations, he observed. Dr Abid Qaiyum Suleri, executive director, SDPI, said that Syed Ali Gilani lived as a hero and died as a martyr. He always remained steadfast on his principles and never made any compromises on his stance. Therefore, he faced the wrath of the Indian government throughout his life. “His obsession with Kashmir being part of Pakistan was not just a political manifesto, but it was his faith,” added Dr Suleri.

Director Legal Forum for the oppressed Voices of Kashmir, Nasir Qadri, while paying rich tribute to Syed Ali Gilani, said that his stance on continuous fight against the oppression gave him the name as Resistance Leader. Rights activist Ahmed Bin Qasim stressed that Syed Ali Gilani was a beloved leader to his people because he invoked the collective will of the Kashmiris to resist occupation. He added further that his fight and worldview were not limited to Kashmir as he was against the oppression prevailing in all parts of the world.

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