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UN asked to hold India under Modi accountable for rights violations in IIOJK


Islamabad, September 07 (KMS): Systematic human rights violations are being continuously committed with impunity by Indian troops in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service said that human rights violations have shown a massive increase in IIOJK since 5 August 2019. Several global rights groups have repeatedly raised alarm about worsening HR situation in IIOJK.

The report said that Modi regime’s 5 August 2019 actions are gross violations of the United Nations Security Council resolutions and Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) that affirms the right to life and to live in freedom and safety.

The report also cites the Article 13 of UDHR that describes the right to freedom of movement. Everyone has the right to travel around their own country. However, in the Valley of Kashmir, the Indian Government imposed a curfew on 5 August 2019, which still exists in different forms. In a curfew, the activity of a population is forcefully restricted and one’s right to freedom of movement is violated. When utterly unjustified, this violation of the people’s rights cannot be justified within the standards of universally accepted human rights, the report added.

Massacres, fake encounters, disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture and molestations have become a routine in the occupied territory.

The KMS report said that 428 innocent people have fallen to Indian bullets since 5 August 2019 to 31 Aug 2021 in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

As many as 95,861 Kashmiris have been killed from Jan 1989 to August 2021 in the territory, which clearly negates India’s claims to be the world’s largest democracy.

The report urged the world community to help the besieged people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir to ascertain their political future as granted by the UN and hold Modi led India for rights violations in the territory.

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