Former AJK President, others pay homage to Syed Ali Gilani

Muzaffarabad, September 05 (KMS): The political leadership of Azad Jammu and Kashmir continues to pay homage to shaheed veteran Kashmiri leader, Syed Ali Gilani for his immense sacrifices for the liberation of Kashmir from Indian subjugation.

Former President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan described Syed Ali Gilani as a determined leader who had not only spearheaded the peaceful liberation movement with courage, bravery and steadfastness for over a half-century but also awakened an enduring spirit of freedom in the hearts of Kashmiri youth.

“Revered by his followers and respected by peers, Gilani was supreme and unquestioned leader beyond a shadow of a doubt. He inspired and led the peaceful freedom movement for decades, galvanized youth and political cadres for generations and emerged as an icon for liberty and self-determination”, Masood said.

Terming him the most roboust voice of the Kashmiri resistance against the Indian rule, the former president of the liberated part of Kashmir said, he (Gilani) never made compromises on Kashmir dispute, never changed his stance on the conflict, never bowed to tyranny, and was never intimidated.

“He kept the flag of liberty flying in the darkest hours of IOJK’s history with sheer grit and an unbreakable resolution and kept fighting for Kashmiris’ identity and restoration of their trampled rights”, Masood Khan said.

He maintained that the late leader suffered under brutal Indian rule; persecuted and hounded but he never accepted the unacceptable. He said, though Gilani has departed to the eternal abode his spirit and his clarion call will continue to inspire and mobilise freedom-lovers until they liberate occupied Kashmir.

“He has left behind followers who would carry the baton. His legacy lives on”, the former state president said.

About his association with freedom leader, Sardar Masood, also a former Pakistani ambassador, said he had met Gilani in 2004 in New Delhi and continues to admire him all his life. “Whenever I would go to foreign countries for the Kashmir campaign, he would send a message: You represent the people of the entire state, not just Azad Kashmir.

Addressing a condolence reference in memory of Syed Ali Gilani in Muzaffarabad, PPP leader, Chaudhry Latif Akbar said that Gilani’s entire life was a constant struggle. He was a true leader of the Kashmiri people whose struggle and entire life has revolved around the orbit of freedom.

He said late Kashmiri leader endured imprisonment, oppression, and sacrifices for more than half a century for himself and his family, but did not deviate from the cause of Kashmir’s freedom from India.

The President of Germany-based Free Kashmir Organization, Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kiani said, today we see Gilani in the ranks of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Ahmed Bin Bella of Algeria, and Omar al-Mukhtar of Libya, who fought the war of liberation of their nations till the last breath of their life and finally liberated their countries by defeating the enemy.

Dr. Kiani vowed that his organization would continue its efforts by making late Geelani’s political struggle a beacon of light. He said that the death of Syed Ali Gilani was undoubtedly a great loss to Kashmiris but the flame of freedom that he lit will continue to burn brighter.

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