Afghan nationals are not welcomed in Modi’s India


Istanbul, September 04 (KMS): India deported Afghan woman parliamentarian, Ragina Kargar, back to Istanbul despite having diplomatic passport.

Ragina Kargar, a lawmaker from Afghanistan’s Faryab province who was deported on 20 August 2021, said that the Indian authorities treated her as a criminal at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

It is worth mentioning here that while Pakistan has opened its border to Afghan citizens it is very difficult for Afghan nationals to get visa from India. Many Afghanis despite being in India for more than 10 years are still not recognized as refugees. Afghans struggle to live a dignified life even though spending over a decade in India. Miserable living condition of Afghan people in India is an eye-opener for Afghanis who aspire to go to India.

BJP-ruled India is providing Indian citizenship to only non-Muslim migrants from neighboring Muslim countries. Afghan lawmaker Rangina Kargar’s deportation has once again vindicated that Muslims are not welcome in Modi’s India.