Unnerved by Taliban takeover in Afghanistan Modi regime launches crackdown on social media users

Srinagar, August 30 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, unnerved by takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, Modi-led fascist Indian regime has decided to further tighten noose around social media users and launch a crackdown against them by branding them as “white-collar jihadis”.

Sources privy to the development said that an assessment made by Director General of Police Dilbag Singh, senior army officers and personnel of Indian intelligence agencies in the wake of Taliban victory over Afghanistan has cautioned that developments in Afghanistan could embolden a mass uprising against India’s occupation in Kashmir.

The assessment, as per the sources, feared that that these “white-collar jihadis” could influence Kashmiri youth by sharing news about the gains of Taliban forces against foreign occupation on social media.

Indian police have, therefore, been advised to raid social media activists after labeling them the “worst kind of terrorists” avert criticism by the world for repression of freedom of expression in the territory.

Taliban’s entry to Kabul, as per the assessment, has reshaped the battleground where conventional weaponry and the fighting zones of a warren of narrow streets and forests are replaced by computers and smart-phones to wage war from just about anywhere — in Kashmir or outside, safe inside their homes or out on the streets, from a nearby café or even just a convenient roadside.

A senior Indian army officer claimed that these social media users, “white-collar jihadis”, are inciting the youth and general population against the Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir on social media. He, however, couldn’t cite the developments in Afghanistan. The fact is, the sources added, rise of Taliban in Afghanistan has placed in catch-22 situation; it could neither openly malign Taliban, nor could afford their mentioning on social media, which India thinks further boost the freedom movement in Kashmir.

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