Rahul criticises Modi govt for its atrocities on Dalits, Muslims

New Delhi, August 30 (KMS): In India, former President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi has criticized the Modi-led fascist Indian government for its continued atrocities against Dalits and Muslims, questioning whether Modi has also sold Articles 15 and 25 of the Constitution.

Rahul Gandhi in a tweet, accused the Modi government of pursuing “Divide and rule” policy and questioned whether the government had also sold Articles 15 and 25 of the Constitution, which provide basic freedoms to the people.

He also posted a video in his tweet showing a man being dragged behind a truck. Some Muslim youths are saying that Hindu extremists are forcing them to chant the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Meanwhile, the Congress in a tweet said that the BJP’s hate ideology has further fueled hatred in Indian society, leading to an increase in caste-based atrocities”. In another tweet, the party said that under Article 15 of the Constitution, every citizen of the country is allowed to live without discrimination.

It is to be mentioned that in recent days in Madhya Pradesh, there have been several incidents of Hindu extremists forcing Muslims to chant the slogan “Jai Shri Ram” and torturing them.

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