Mushaal urges formation of commission to probe Indian atrocities in IIOJK

Islamabad, August 30 (KMS): Families and relatives of the victims of enforced disappearances have been struggling for justice in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) for the past several decades; however, the world community is observing a criminal silence in this regard.

This was stated by Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation and wife of jailed Kashmiri Hurriyat leader, Muhammad Yasin Malik, in a statement issued on the International Day of Disappeared, today.

She urged the world powers and UN bodies to constitute a powerful investigation commission to probe the enforced disappearances and give the criminals Indian forces exemplary punishment.

She said, there will be hardly any family whose loved one has not been disappeared by Indian forces. She added, each Kashmiri family has a painful and heart-wrenching story but who cares because they are Muslims.

Mushaal lamented that the Indian inhuman forces were given licenses to kill and disappear innocent Kashmiris; therefore, they are ruthlessly using their powers sans any fear of accountability.

She said, thousands of Kashmiri people have been disappeared and illegally detained while other forms of human rights violations have become an order of the day in IIOJK.

She said, unknown, unmarked and mass graves still await investigation but the world is merely observing the day rather than taking any practical steps to address the issue.

Mushaal said, in other countries across the world, governments have set up Commissions to inquire into the phenomenon of disappearances. However in the occupied territory, no such Commission has been set up and instead the criminals are roaming freely since they are empowered to use all brutal means to muzzle the dissenting voices.

She said: “Just imagine a woman who is a wife and a widow at the same time, she does not know where her spouse is, is he dead or alive, would he ever return home or not?”

She’s called a Kashmir Half Widow. Kashmir has the highest number of half widows in the world. The irony is that those involved in such crimes are the ones offering justice, what relief or compensation can be expected by the families of such victims, she added.

Mushaal said that the missing persons of Kashmir urgently call upon the global community and human rights organisations to break the silence and force the fascist Narendra Modi government to ensure the safe and unharmed release of illegally detained and disappeared Kashmiri people.