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Wife kills husband by smashing his head in India

Hyderabad, August 24 (KMS): Indian Police have arrested a woman for smashing her husband’s head with a hand pounder (pestle) that led to his death in Andhra Pradesh state in India.

The incident would have passed off as a normal accident, but for some vigilant relatives who saw an injury on the head and informed the police. The incident took place in Tadikonda villager in the Mangalagiri area of the state.

The woman identified as Nirmala smashed the head of her husband with a hand pounder after a fight, the police said.

The Mangalagiri police have registered a complaint from the brother of the victim Chilaka Ramesh that states Chilaka Ramesh and Nirmala had fallen in love and married a decade ago. They were living in Tadikonda village.

Around five years ago, Ramesh, who worked as a security guard, suffered from a brain stroke but recovered. But ever since, the couple started quarrelling and on several occasions, the wife even threatened to kill her husband.

During a heated exchange, Nirmala had smashed her husband’s head after which she told the neighbours that Ramesh had hurt himself after a fall. He was shifted to Guntur General Hospital, where he died.

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