Dalit family attacked in Bengaluru temple for demanding prasad

Bengaluru, August 21 (KMS): A Dalit family was attacked by upper caste men for demanding prasad at a temple in Devanahalli on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Munianjinappa and his wife Aruna, an Asha worker, have two sons. On August 14, a special puja was organised at the Ramanathapura Anjaneya temple. When their younger son went to collect prasad at the temple, he was allegedly manhandled by Kishore, a youth belonging to an upper caste.

The family of Munianjinappa, a government school teacher living in Ramanathapura near Devanahalli, has requested the authorities to provide them security, claiming that they are being targeted by the accused, who belongs to an upper caste.

Two days later, Aruna questioned Kishore as to why he had attacked her son. In response, Kishore abused her by caste. Hearing this, Munianjinappa rushed to the spot while Kishore also called his relatives.

It is said that Kishore along with two others assaulted the couple with wooden logs. Aruna also said that while beating them, the accused even touched her private parts.

“We have been boycotted and restricted from going out of the village,” Aruna said.

Earlier, Munianjinappa had questioned encroachment of his land by upper caste landlords. “Since then, my family is being targeted by upper caste people,” Munianjinappa said.

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